How to Upgrade in Chai app to send more than 100 messages?

so can you send more than 100 messages in chai app this is the the most annoying uh scene in the chai app a lot of people just want to have more than 100 messages but it's not possible at this moment you need to upgrade to premium annual 134.99 per year or monthly 13.99 per month so if you upgrade to annual you will say 20 get a limited access with premium so to get unlimited messages uh that's basically that's what you need to do uh yeah uh the good thing is that at least they changed the reset period so before it was reset in every 24 hours now 100 messages are resetting every eight hours so basically in a day uh eight hours uh you can send like 300 messages right because if you are able to wait eight hours so like 23 24 divided by eight hours like you can send actually 300 messages per day so yeah now that's an interesting update so yeah hope it is helpful

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