How to upgrade in Velomingo app?

how to upgrade in voluminga app so to do that you just need to tap Pro in the top right and here you can see that this app is actually pretty expensive right so it's uh you can create this cool stun in velocity videos but it's 39 dollars per week uh you can have a three-day free trial or it's like 279 dollars per year so that's basically that um yeah so these are the options which you can have here um and yeah you can upgrade here unlock full premium access to valomingo um what you get you get higher quality videos so you can create videos here and save them but they will be just normal quality not the highest quality if you want the highest quality you need to upgrade and also if you want to remove Watermark of course then you need to upgrade so these two features are actually yeah that's what makes it so expensive all video editing software is pretty expensive and especially if it's like good quality right now this app is in the top charts of the US App Store and like everywhere so it's really cool app to like make your Tick Tock or Instagram stand out so definitely give it a try

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