so here's drive app and if you tap on your sidebar on top left and then there are settings here you can upgrade to arrive premium so it's not required i don't think there are like some additional features hidden but you can just help to improve and add new features and support the development team so just tap here so six months for 9.99 one month for 199 or 12 months for 14.99 so that's what you can do um yeah arrive premium you can just upgrade or six months nine ninety nine so it's not that expensive if you tap on reload icon in top right you can restore previous purchases so that's that's basically it so that's how it works um yeah hope hope this is helpful and yeah that's basically how it works

We've Been Upgraded From Ezoic ...
We've Been Upgraded From Ezoic Premium 4 To 5 Stars! +$300 / Month!
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