here's ghost mass app so how to use tickets here so for example i have this question um so then i just use the the formula try to okay then i can just rotate um and then trying to crop the question and then i can edit it if i want okay maybe it's not correct but just for example and then there there you have it and then satisfied with the answer or not and then use one ticket to change the tutor so i can ask again and that's how i can use the tutor so reasons of changing want to find another tutor oversimplify steps studio steps run answer and then there is like a tutor uh and then you can just wait for a moment and basically so you can see the tutor how many answers here she has like you're writing uh to save your time you'll send your notice when your tutor solved the question let me just check if i can go to her profile then i can turn on the notification so there you have it and then i can ask new question uh you i will see uh questions here in the q a history and i will get a notification so that's that's how you can ask use a ticket in the in the ghost mass app hope that was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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