How to use BeReal app in TESTFLIGHT?

did you know that you can use be real in test flight meaning that you can become like a better tester of this app and you can get access to some new features super early before all other users so just tap on your profile on stream dots in top right and then tap on help tap and contact us and then it says become better tester what it says here here is your chance to test new features before everyone else early versions may be buggy as we are still working on them if you encounter any block issues in plan install or install this table version of the App Store should find any issue simply take a screenshot and provide as much information as possible to help us fix it make sure to install test flight so here it is and then I have test flight here and then I can just accept this invitation to use burial in test flight and then I need to reply replace current APP use the test flight version but again just sync twice before you do it because be real app is already quite glitchy and there are if you read the App Store reviews you can read that there are quite a few bugs and uh especially when it's under notifications so with this test flight portion there can be even more bugs but uh yeah it looks kind of the same but you can have access to some new features uh before other users so it kind of looks the same but that's what developer is doing they are just pushing it to test flight pushing some early features limited amount of users testing it out then developers doing some fixes bug fixes and then they're pushing the real version to production but in meanwhile you can get access to some really cool early beta features and surprise your friends so that's how you can use it in test flight I'm also testing a few other apps and actually the test flight is becoming like a interesting destination for me I'm testing locket widget where I can see some features for example here you can use zoom and it's not yet introduced in production or shuffles by Pinterest or some other apps so it's fun if you like apps if you just like to be on the the words and before everyone else try it out

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