so to use bionic reading converter uh you need to go to website and then here is the free tool uh which you can use in your browser so just tap bionic reading converter and then you can just enter your text or website url and then here you can just uh you can just enter that and here is the bionic reading example of that text you can change all the all the lightness all the like paragraph settings fonts and all of that uh you can do it here you can also save it to to a kindle and some something like that also you can just drag and drop files here so you can drop txt rtf rtfd epub or like word document and then easily read that from the browser so that's how you can use bionic reading api in the browser for free there is no limitation at this moment so you can just try this technique it's super interesting so bionic reading uh uh yeah we humans so yeah it says human story learned words and so just a few letters are enough to recognize whole words and your brain is faster than your eye so here you can see for example the example of a bionic transformed text and you see these highlighted bold letters and try to read this text try to focus a bit and you can see that actually you can read this paragraph faster than if it was you know just like a normal paragraph so that's really interesting concept and yeah there are like bunch of apps for that but some of them are paid like reader 5 uh like fear feeds liar so you can try that but yeah you can also try it in the browser

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