here is tick tock is there a crime face filter on tick tock so it is on snapchat it was originally released on snapchat and i'm just trying if there is like this filter on on tick tock um so there is this filter which is called unhappy face this is what you can find the closest so this was this is the filter which you can use so when like snapchat released the crying lens just like nine days ago tick tock instantly released this unhappy feisty fact just to compete with snapchat instantly then there is this and also unhappy but they are not like such cool and such of high quality as uh as uh as on snapchat so i can't really find the exact snapchat quality crying lens you can see crying face but it's not like yeah you can see something like that but yeah it's it's it's not there so i can't find the exact uh you know crime phase filter on tick tock if you know maybe there is a new one or just was recently released just leave it in the comments

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