How to use Pop in Wizz app?

how to use pop in these apps or pop is a new feature in this app uh it's similar to be real it's basically like a be real in this app so the idea is that first of all you need to go to settings and make sure that you enable notifications for this app and every day you will get just one notification per day from this app asking you to post your mood or something like that okay let's just try again because I just enabled it um yep so also you can just go here and then you just search for Visa app and then uh you can enable notifications and time sensitive notifications also enable them uh for this feature to work properly and then you have this app and then you will get a message like what's your best feature or some other question or something like that and then you will you have five minutes to post about it and then you just need to post a text message um and yeah uh you can add gifs and that's it you don't need to post video or photo you just post your reply and then you can see what your friends are posting and your friends also receiving the same notification at the same time you can also find friends yeah so that's what you can do yeah so try out this is a new feature you can find it in the pop tab here in the bottom right

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