How to use prompts in Dawn app to generate AI avatars?

so how to enter prompts in down AI apps so here you can generate AI avatars and you can write something vampire but that's a bit boring and that's why you have more than 500 characters so you can challenge this AI model uh and then uh so here you can just enter whatever you want and then you can just additional prompts to to have better idea what what you like so uh teacher so something I'm just entering some a bit of like but like whatever so yeah let's see how that works and then uh yeah I can just see what it will generate so the idea is that I want to generate as a teacher I want Gorky image and with a beard advice on my current AI model uh so you can see there is beard uh it's like a teacher and I don't know it's not similar to uh yeah to um to one Gog image probably that that wasn't uh so beard is working nice and then yeah you can just see this prompt but if you want to generate new images uh uh yeah and then make sure to save if you so then you can just change it like let's say impressionist uh and then you can just enter car or no like whatever let's see how it works so you can just play with it this app also has another tab where you can just generate General uh images just some like Landscapes and all of that but of course and there you can use this approach as many prompts you can generate so many of those okay so as you can see car didn't work out uh so impressionist so that's basically wow that's pretty interesting so Dan is just adding this kind of 19th century Vibe I guess to this image it's like pretty cool uh so yeah this was just a quick tutorial how you can use all these different prompts

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