How to VOTE via Eurovision app or Eurovision website? 2023

If you're a fan of Eurovision, you know that the excitement doesn't just come from watching the performances. Voting for your favorite acts is also a crucial part of the experience. In the past, voting was limited to viewers in participating countries, but in 2023 Eurovision has made changes that will allow viewers around the world to vote. This opens up a whole new level of participation and excitement for fans!

So, how do you vote using the Eurovision app or Eurovision website? It's actually quite simple. Here's a quick tutorial to get you started.

First, you'll need to download the Eurovision Song Contest app. Once you have the app, you can start cheering for your favorite acts and wait for the voting procedure to open up. It's important to note that the app will only allow voting from viewers in participating countries during the grand final.

If you're not in a participating country, don't worry! Eurovision has also introduced a new voting hub website - - which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Simply visit the website and it will automatically detect your location and guide you through the voting process. You can also search for the Eurovision app on the website if you prefer to vote that way.

When the voting procedure becomes available, simply follow the steps on the app or website to cast your vote. In participating countries, you can vote using the app or by telephone/SMS. Non-participating countries will need to vote through the website. It's also worth noting that if you're in a participating country, you'll need a Danish phone number to vote by telephone or SMS.

One thing to keep in mind is that the voting procedure will only open up when it's available. So be patient and keep an eye out for updates on when it will be live.

Overall, voting for Eurovision has never been easier. With these new changes, more viewers around the world can join in on the excitement and support their favorite acts. So, enjoy and may the best act win!

If you have any additional questions about voting via the app or website, make sure to leave them in the comments.

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