How to withdraw funds/request payment in Attapoll - paid surveys app?

so to withdraw money to request payment in a tuple app just go to the balance tab a second from the left and then you can just tap and request a payment and then you can just tap on PayPal and menu withdraw an amount for this payment is uh 25 DKK or you can tap on revolute and it's also 20 degree I'm using it from Denmark so that's the currency is Danish krona it's around 20 times currents around like three dollars or three and a half dollar in in PayPal so it's not like hundred dollars so it is completely impossible because this service can earn you like one dollar ten cents or something like that so yeah seems it's completely possible and it's it seems It's not a scam but you need to double check of course is these apps can be pretty unreliable so always do your own research I'm not suggesting you to do any like actions I'm just it was problems through this app and it's climbing in the top charts in the US App Store in lifestyle category I was like what this app is about and there are for real some like surveys which you can check out here so yeah that's basically it I hope it is helpful

How to Withdraw and payment setting...
How to Withdraw and payment settings
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