HUBLIX APP - how to install on iPhone?

so here is hablix app so let's just install it on an iphone so yeah just search for for the app on the on the app store and then you should be able to to install it so that's the idea so you see this is one of those apps we have which are trying to target metawars and there are a lot of apps which are trying to create like a social networking inside of metawars where you don't have your real photos your real videos you just have like your um you know just avatars 3d avatars and you just hang out in this 3d avatar world where you can just create and play together hang out so it's like a gta yc or something like that several parties play with your friends whole conferences make new acquaintances and create your own unique world with us so that's basically uh the app idea as you know like a lot of comp social networking companies trying to catch that including like facebook renaming to meta and all of that so you can create individual avatar um so you can just try to express some emotions with the avatar live communication colorful graphics meet new meeting format a world that you can customize for yourself uh yep so that's basically the the whole idea for the app so there is ipad app and there is iphone app if you are more comfortable playing on ipad you can just do that however the average reviews are not that are not that great yet so it says that it had you

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