inMessage - meet, chat, date - app overview

so here's in message app so basically here you can chat and meet online with different people um you can just set up the filters and this is one of the apps like video chat in apps there are so many those in the app store every week there is like a new app in this category but just be careful not all of these apps are actually high quality there is a lot of spam and like you know some inappropriate content but yeah seems this app has quite big content so for example i can just go here i can type a message to someone i can like someone and you can do it for free type a message or something then yep there you have it so that's the idea and then yeah you can see uh you can see filters you can see active time filter but that requires like a premium account then you can see all of your messages there are ads as well you can see featured at least then you can see your profile if you want to upgrade to premium here is the pricing so you can upgrade one month for 9.99 three months for 24.99 12 months 69.99 so that's what you can do and then you can just go to settings you can see people you've blocked you can see your language you can see chat bubbles distance push notification in app notification you can see your privacy uh so all of that um and yup so that's the idea if you want to reach out to support you can just reach out here so you can also do that if you want to log out just look out here and then it's a bit hidden but if you just scroll to the very bottom from here you will be able to delete your account so something like that hope it is helpful

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