InReport - Followers Analyzer app - should you upgrade?

here on so i'm just going through in a report followers analyzer app it's in top charts and social networking and like yeah it has some nice features it's in in in the [Music] it's growing in charts uh and it has some nice features about your instagram analytics about followers and followers inside like who admires you who doesn't follow you by whom likes the most of your comments and all of that but people generally say that it's like it's too pricey it's too expensive you need to pay 25 per year and you get really nothing or just just slightly more than original instagram analytics so let's just open the app uh so here's i'm just doing like a test account who admires me i want to see it but then like i need to pay 25 dollars per year so i can see that so i can see 70 posts 14 87 likes likes per posters or comments comments per post total views viewers per video 70 posts so it's yeah like just uh aggregated instagram analytics in the free version where you just you know see some of these metrics you can see follower grows i mean this is just like a test account it's not like a huge influencer account but if i want to see all the like cool features like who admires me who deleted me new story viewers not following okay not following back i this this i can see must unfollow you i can also check out that this feature engagement report fans friends popular hashtags who deleted comments and then i can see analysis best friends slow interaction followers my secret analysis on post then i can see stories store insights and then i can see my profile i can add another account i can also set notifications reset so all these features so um that's the idea uh popular hashtags i can see top hashtags uh [Music] so i can see most popular hashtags in in the categories uh so that's also interesting feature and i can use them even in the in the in the like in the free version so that's good and there are some things like contact me but again i need to upgrade upgrade all these kind of cool features i need to upgrade so that's an overview but as you can see yeah you will need to join pro for majority of these features so that's that hope this quick overview is helpful and will help you to decide if it's worse to upgrade for 25 dollars per month or uh like 25 per year subscription it's not one-time payment it's subscription so it will renew next year until you cancel it i mean it's not that much of course but if you want to use for one month you can try 6.99 or 6 months 17.99 so there you have it but seems in this app yet for this app to make sense you will just need to upgrade because otherwise it doesn't provide that much value i think so there you have it

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