Instagram - “You can’t access certain settings for a few days” error

when you try to do some things on Instagram sometimes you can just see the pop-up that you can access certain settings on Instagram and I just did like a screenshot for you it says you can't access certain settings for a few days this is because we noticed a new login from a device you don't usually use you can still access these settings from a device you have logged in in the past uh uh so yeah for example I was just trying to set up to factor authentication via my Instagram app and then I just seen that model uh so yeah that's basically what's happening um yeah so what I did because I just have like two phones and I just logged in in my Instagram account on the second phone it's my phone it's everything is okay but Sims Instagram is just blocking it out so just this is for you to know for example if you like bought a new iPhone or something like that and you already sold or gave away or throw away your old iPhone and you logged into your Instagram account just on the new iPhone in certain cases uh like you won't be able to perform some things also I think on Facebook app so that's what's happening also like on every new phone if you just logged in like that certain features just won't be available so that's what it is at the moment yeah that's basically what it is

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