InStories: Reels & Stories Maker - app overview

here's this app called in-stories reels and story maker so you can see that it has 26 000 ratings already and this is one of the top apps if you want to create professional looking designs for Instagram reels for tick tock Snapchat Facebook and others and in-stories offers hundreds of pre-made templates as a fully customizable in stories as an excellent Suite of features and is genuinely multifunctional application with the intuitive interface you can use our 500 ready-made designer templates for every occasion holiday business online education lifestyle Tick Tock and reels editing and more so you can try that [Music] um so let's just open the app it's the app is over 200 megabytes so it's quite large um so your installers would like to send you notifications whatever um so then of course it pushes you to upgrade but this is like you decide if you want to start trial and subscribe and then you just have all these different templates which you can see some trending modes and then for example if you want to use it for reels you can see what's happening here then you can just go and you can use this template and then just upload photos to it uh so yeah there you have it uh um so something like that and then yeah you can see in my project you can create a new project you can just create story post Square real Tick Tock if you want to create the Facebook post to YouTube that requires a pro subscription uh so yeah something around it foreign I think they also now offering AI avatars so yeah something around it uh so yeah that's basically a quick overview which you can try there are so many features here it's such a cool app so that's about that

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