iQIYI app - Dramas, Animes, Shows - quick preview & how to use?

here is ikea app dramas anime shows where uh you can watch some asian dramas that's the app you can download this app to enjoy the most popular action entertainment stream chinese dramas korean drums diet dramas watch for free subscribe for more multilingual support multiple devices and some anime shows and all of that so you can just open up this app and let's just have a quick tour so you can allow notifications if you like [Music] so there you have it and then you need to to subscribe here seems like that and then you have here the subscription for 59.99 a monthly subscription 5.99 that's a standard plan then there is premium plan and then you can just log in this vp account let's see what happens i was hoping that there is some kind of like a free trial or something like that just to show you around okay so you can just tap later in the top right so there is still like a preview of some shows to show you around and some of the shows are hidden under vip section so you can't watch them and then there are some trending shows and then you can just explore like different uh the huge library here either from all regions all categories all time periods and you can just watch that shows then you can just download them and then there is your profile so there you have it for example if you can just tap to watch that and there are some ads you can see episodes you can see for you you can see comments you can see all the clips and uh yeah you can see actors and browse through them then you can just bookmark it so something like that and then you have just like a home tab and yeah again you can just upgrade to vip yeah so that's basically the app if you like azure and content and you might definitely give it a try and definitely check it out there's also like settings in case something is wrong you can delete your account and yeah i hope that's a nice preview if you're using this app just leave some comments below why you like it why you like it over netflix or disney plus or anything and that's that

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