Is GAS APP actually SAFE? Thoughts

um so here is I'm just going for the gas app and I'm just trying to figure out if it's safe to use because there is a hog like there is like some room or special on Snapchat that this app is actually you know it's not safe it's not safe for teens this app is using your location like teens high schoolers using these apps they don't realize they are not adults yet and even that this app is can be used for some kind of like trafficking or stuff like that so it's like really scary rumors but the founder of this app Nikita beer his uh first of all he is like well-known founder in Silicon Valley in the United States and he is kind of like a public figure and the founding team of it is well-known figures in tax base so he constantly posts on his Twitter like the the this is back basically a hawks and you can see here on the reviews that developer response that all these claims are false they they don't try to do anything bad with this app uh uh our privacy policy have been reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and found these claims to be completely false so you can see that so you can go to privacy policy of this app and read yourself or you can watch this video uh location opinion or tracking is impossible on gas if you check your settings you will see gas doesn't use your location after sign up never saves it and doesn't display the own profiles users are even instructed to turn off the allocation permission after sign up since it will not impact our app experience so what they say here is the basic location is only used by new Creator account for the first time to locate the school in your area so if you are like in Michigan in some City you just turn on your location and you will see the schools around you and that's basically it and then it's not used for anything else that's what developers claim it's happening also gas gears intensely about the safety of its users learn how to protect our community on the on gas app Safety Center so uh you can go there and then you can just Discover it so you can also go to the gas app that's your website and they have a specific section uh is gas safe gas is designed to be a safe place to interact with friends users can only interact your pulse and only these people that have accepted as a friend there is no messaging between users so that's another thing there is no messaging uh how how gas keeps data safe you'll never share or sell your data to Advertiser or data Brokers will now track you across online services the only they request your approximate location we do not store location date on our servers uh you only let friends contacts and classmates what on each other and have a strangers gas Canada never has been used for trafficking all polls are positive and uplifting so you can never be bullied with your review reports every day uh so yeah uh so here are also some recommendations only join schools that you currently attend only sign accept friend requests from people who you know in real life do not share phone numbers devices or call to his friends disable location access after signing up set your privacy settings uh your friends can see your top Flames when visiting your profile if you're not comfortable with this you can hide them by going hide top flames uh so that's basically it so these are just some of the suggestions they have here go and check them out how it can be helpful

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