Is GAS APP available on Android/Google Play Store?

so here's viral gas app see who likes you the app for anonymous compliments but is it available on on the Google Play Store so if I search for it here seems I can't find it and a lot of people on Reddit just report that this app is not available it was there for a while I seen it somewhere I think the founder Nikita beer he posted some screenshot from Android but then I just can't find it here in the Android or Google Play Store so um just keep searching for it and then I keep searching some random guys apps but no that's not the one so I'm interested in this one uh from this developer so developer is find your crush so yeah I don't know for which reasons they are not releasing it yet on Android Google Play Store probably they're just testing it out in different in very small Niche like you can see it's only available in a few States maybe on a few devices on iOS uh so yeah as far as I understand it's not yet available on Android

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