Is it possible to send only Text Notes in Locket Widget app?

a lot of users are asking if it's possible to add text nodes in locate widget app unfortunately it's not possible so lock it widget is only for taking photos as you can see here and you can't even upload photos from your camera roll so if you would upload you if you would be able to upload some pictures you would for example be take taken screenshot and then you can upload that screenshot and lock it widget but you can do it the the main feature of this app the core feature is just taking live photos like this so i'm just took a photo and then yeah you can just add like as this small text node or something like this uh but yeah it's not that you can take the whole um yeah the whole like the node uh driving service or writing so for example there is this noted uh app like that one where you can actually draw here so here you can draw you can add notes you can add some additional tools and that's basically much more sophisticated in that case so yeah i hope this is helpful

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