Is NGL APP SAFE to USE? Thoughts

here one so ngl app which is called not gonna lie app is going viral and but the question remains is this app is safe to use so if you have haven't seen this app so here's how it looks like so it's you can just post your link on instagram stories and then receive anonymous messages so something like that and then you just get some message from people it can be random messages but like the thing is uh that of course like people can send you all kinds of messages and you are not like entirely protected so it's just important to stay safe online so like is this app actually safe to use especially for teens or kids or i don't know like how do you feel about it so what this is what they say on their website so to ensure the safety of our users we use world-class am content moderation we utilize deep learning and rule based character pattern matching algorithm to filter out harmful language and boolean our algorithm can also detect the semantic meaning of emojis and our web scraper pull specific examples of contextual emoji use this means we stay on trend we understand lingo and we know how to filter out the bad stuff so that's basically the idea um so far i tried to use the app i shared it on my stories on my instagram bio also edit it on highlights some of that i didn't receive like any bad messages so it were like real much just no bought messages also if you don't like it you can just tap in top left and report the message you can report the user and this will also delete the message and probably influence if this user can submit messages to you in future so that's what you can do but of course the aim of the app is that to make sure that you don't get any bad messages in the first place so so far as i can say it it there wasn't a lot a big amount of that and it's pretty actually pretty well done the app and maybe that's why it's really in the top charts of the us app store at this moment um so yeah that's what it is and um yeah like also you can go to the reviews on the app store the average rating is pretty is pretty high if they're because their users already checked it out i think like hundred thousand millions millions of users downloaded it and then uh yeah you can see the average rating is 4.9 out of 24 000 ratings uh so it's pretty decent for a new app so i think if if there would be like some major issues or people would receive really bad messages you would see reflected it in the in the app reviews on the app store so so far i think it it is pretty okay of course this is not guaranteed but if you have any other suggestions just leave them in the comments below

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