Is there a LockScreen widget for a Gas app?

in case you are looking for lock screen widgets for the gas app don't look it doesn't exist um so the there are two types of pages on iOS either home screen widget like this one or lock screen when you lock your screen basically you see different types of widgets they are becoming super popular and yeah you can just add them like this you can add your home screen widget but for the gas app there is no home screen and there is no lock the screen widget to add lock screen widget you usually lock your screen tap on the customize button or add button and then you will see the list of apps search for the apps and add this lock screen widget and this allows you to see app updates without even unlocking your phone of course you can customize your privacy and it just depends what what you want but it can be pretty handy feature I hope guys app will release it soon but as I understand it's it's not there it's not there yet the gas app is not even available on Android so probably that's maybe not their top priority but who knows

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