IS TOUCHTUNES app on Android?

hey there so is TouchTunes app available on on Android Google Play Store so when I'm just searching for Google Play Store for TouchTunes jukebox app it's not here so it's not being available here and then yeah uh when I yeah it's available on iOS obviously but then if I just tab help and then I just want to reach out uh I just want to ask also them uh is it available let's check it out for you my bid can help you out so it seems there is no help but yeah seems It's not yet available available on the on Android yet it's okay so it's not it's a support queue so there you have I think as I understand it's not yet available um yeah otherwise it you would be able to find it in the in the Google Play Store but you can still pay with Google pay which is like weird buy then it's just not showing up in the Android so anyhow that's what I think if you have an other answers just leave them in the comments

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