Is WidgetPal app on Android?

so egypt this widget file app on android i'm just looking here for the app store uh and i'm just looking at widget pal uh yep it's only on the ios app store basically and you can just go to and if i just try to search for widget pal google play or something so this app is not available um it's not there uh so it's amazing app it's basically great like you know locket widget alternative and also noted widget alternative you can send space photos to specific people in this in this app and then you can add notes and then you can add images so basically locate share and noted widget combined uh that's what it is uh but yeah uh uh unfortunately it's not on android so if your friends using android i would suggest another app which is called widget share so not widget pal but go to widget share and then you will be able to you know to use it also is android users um this one hope that can be helpful and thank you for watching

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