iSharing GPS Location Tracker APP OVERVIEW

hello so here is this app which is called i sharon gps location tracker um so yeah to install it just use the touch id of face id there are a bunch of apps like that which are pretty popular so there is live 360. of course you can share your location in google maps or i think in facebook app so all of that so you can just share where like where your colleagues or friends family are around you can see how they're traveling how they are driving and then you can just chat with friends and family over that so yeah [Music] let's just try to see how complicated it is to install to create an account and start using the app and all of that hmm okay finally it's here so allow notifications or not okay let's allow notifications you can allow tracking you can check location and then you can sign it with facebook app or google so i'll just sign in with apple um let's see here how you can create an account and then enable service location while using the app if you allow or if yeah if you want to use this app like in the right way probably you need to allow to use the location always and then just add people and all of that so now you can add friends here and of course there is like a paid version 7.99 per month that has your location history for 30 days unlimited place orders unlimited location check and then you can just have this okay let's just set up a location always so to set it up just search for eye sharing i guess in the settings okay let's try to do that and yep then here is the app for example and then you can just add other person here or you can just share to someone like this and just share your location of course you can also they constantly asks to add to my contacts and then you can just share from here like this um so that's the idea you can also enable this location and yeah then you can just track like where all your other friends are located and where are they going share link to real time location and all of that then you can see profile you can see history you can see like a street view or something so yeah that's that's the idea of the app hope that is helpful you can also set up like place alerts [Music] nearby alerts and all of that if you want to delete your account you can just do it here so that is the idea hope it is helpful thanks for watching                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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