so let's explore this app which is a kepler wallet so this wallet is used for example on osmosis exchange and few other exchanges and websites uh and this is the leading wallet for the cosmos ecosystem yeah so it recently was trending so let's just install it i haven't used it so for example on osmosis exchange you can use either like wallet connect or you can just use kepler wallet [Music] so yeah so you can just use touch 82 to install and let's see the whole process how to um yeah how to install the wallet and how to create your own account and go through all of that [Music] so it just takes some time so the size of the wallets is 21.5 megabytes um [Music] so yeah it wants to connect with bluetooth so then you can import existing wallet or create a new wallet then to create a new wallet you can just sign in with apple or sign in with google yeah so it's kind of web 2 combined with web 3 here um and that's but yeah that's basically it and then you can just add wallet nickname add password some password here and then it automatically creates i can enable biometric meaning i can enable touch id or face id and then there you have it so then i can see my available atom staking [Music] so that's about it and then i for example with this scanning qr code i can just connect to like to osmosis so for example i can just use connect wallet or kepler browser extension or connect wallet and then copper mobile so then i can just scan this qr code then osmosis is requesting to connect your coupler account and then i just can approve it and there you have it now as you can see wallet one is connected so that's that's about it um so then here you have settings you have your wallet i didn't use any like seed phrase or as you have seen nothing like that was here so that's a bit strange for me as you know might be mata mask you just have that 12 word phrase um then yeah you can view private key you can see the version you can delete this wallet like what you know and then also like there is some knowledge section where you can learn more about osmosis or uh you can learn more here uh so that's the idea so here there are also some other sections which are part of the i think like cosmos ecosystem also like also different networks here um so yeah something like that um so that's interesting so yeah uh something like that uh the answer is like this setting here with wallet connect and then you can see address book and then you can see your wallet uh you can add a new wallet here in the top right import existing wallet or import ledger nano x so that's just a quick overview like very quick preview of a coupler wallet hope it is helpful

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