Kick streaming app - how to delete account?

as our heroes geek app how to delete your account here honestly I don't know yet there is no IOS app Android app um there is on the website where you can create your account easily but then how do you delete it that's the question so this app is kind of like alternative for twitch you can go to settings there is your profile information but there is no delete Account button and nowhere so what you can do is just tap support you can create and then just right here delete my account uh yeah so what you can something like that you can write to them and just wait what they will reply that's what you can do this app is still in beta it's very early stages uh it's like one of the alternative for twitch so you have that so yeah that's basically an overview so interesting concept you can just browse a lot of live channels different categories sometimes there are a lot of viewers sometimes not that many but that's a cool app for sure to try out if you want to find your Niche for example if you're using twitch but maybe you don't have that many views there try out this app as well it can be quite helpful for you uh to maybe discover new audiences to reserve nice username to find some Niche audience and all of that so give it a try

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