Libby by Overdrive - APP OVERVIEW

here is sleepy app by overdrive it's a library app so let's just tap get to install it and yeah and then let's just use touch id or face id to install it free ebooks and audio books from your local library borrow bestsellers and read anytime anywhere all over the world local libraries offer millions of ebooks and audio books you can borrow them for free with the library card and libby the white mean much loud app for libraries so yeah this app i think primarily it works in united states but my maybe also around other countries but yeah if you you know you have some local library and it's like a big distance or too lazy to go there you just need to have a liby app and then you have access to all these audio books ebooks you can send ebooks to your kindle you can listen audiobooks in your car and all of that so basically that's the that's the idea and then uh welcome so first question do you have a library card not yet so you need to get the library card first you can get also card online at many libraries it says so [Music] then you just can search for the library so for example if you want to search so for example you can see some libraries in new york new york power sorry like okay we can library system and then for example you just can sign up here you can see all of the books which people can borrow here and then you can tap i would like a card so then you can just visit their website and see for example what can be the um yeah the requirements click type continue continue to register a library staff member will review your application if you live in a city with a public library you can also visit or contact your local library to get a library card application and then yeah you just get the confirmation email and you can get your physical library card but yeah of course you need to live in the area and it just depends on the process like what are the requirements so you need to have your last card for example is your home address within city limits would you and then this kind of question so you can't live in one state and apply for library card in or in another usually of course there are some exemptions from that but yeah so that's the idea and yeah um so what else so after you got that card then you can just you know you can you can see and uh sort by which are just added items here and then you can see popular you can see some preferences so you can see all these books you can see magazines the economies all of that and then you can see something on the shelf you can see something in your timeline there are different tags [Music] and then you can just borrow them so for example you can just tap borrow and then you need to sign a new use your card so that's basically the idea um [Music] yeah here you can also export your timeline you can see your activities so that's the app obviously yeah it's it's legal of course if you have like a card and uh yeah if you live in in that area but i think the the the cons of this app is that i think it's mostly only available in united states also um yeah so that's that but also uh yeah it can save you a lot of money like you know if you if you're looking for some well-known ebook which was published or some book features published like five years ago and it's in every library right now you don't need to buy it on kindle if you just have it your library card and you're like you know reciting there and everything is fine you can just borrow it in your library so that's the whole point maybe there is some library fee somewhere but it can be a nice app because for a lot of books you just want to borrow them for like few weeks read them and give them back you don't need to own it or like maybe you need to own a physical copy for some very important books or like some school college books which you need every day and stuff like that but yeah for other stuff try out this app definitely recommend it

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