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hey everyone so here is lime app so let's just do a quick overview how to use it so i used it few times i live in copenhagen again and yeah it's basically a global app it's available in us and many other countries around the world so yeah you can just ride scooters electric scooters and bikes with these apps i think recently lime added like a jump bikes so not only scooters now you can also scan like jump bikes with it um so the process is like super easy you just open the app you need to create an account and then when you find the scooter you just scan this like some qr code to unlock the scooter and then just kick push and ride and then there are also line passes some new features you can group right with your friends um [Music] so yeah let's just go through that so this is how the app looks like this is my profile i can see my history um and then yeah for example uh on the map i will see all the all the scooters which are available in the neighborhood i can see uh like their range so if there are like you can see that they have like the green kind of borders if it's completely green then uh it means this scooter is completely charged and then when i tap on the scooter i can see like how much time it takes for me to get to that scooter so that's the idea um and then i can just tap reserve here in the bottom and then i can just reserve that scooter if i see it on the map so i there is no situation if i just come up to that place and there is no scooter anymore so if you are in the range of 10 minutes from the scooter you can easily reserve it for free um and then the payments is usually so it's in danish corner 10 danish chrono to start and then 2.5 krona per minute so it's like one point one dollar 40 cents to start and then like i don't know like 30 cents for every minute or something like that of course the prices are different in every country and then when you're going to the scooter you can just use scan and then you just scan the the code you can also enter the code as a number you can also lose use your flashlight for example if you're writing somewhere in the dark and that's basically it you can also use the option of group write um at up to five riders they can write from their browser using your payment method um like so for example if you do this then scan to unlock your vehicle and add to four riders to your group uh so that's that that's basically it and then your ride starts um and then you can see it so for example i can see my past rides this is how it looks like um you can see the receipt and it's back from yeah and all of that so that's just how it looks like then you can add your payment and sorry also lime app always adds new features so for example now they have something like climb prime um it's like 75 chrono per month which is like around like 10 12 us dollars but of course the price would be different in other countries so here what you got you just have zero unlock fee on every ride so the unlock key is yeah it's around like 10 corner right so if you unlock the scooter like seven seven times per month that's already useful reserve vehicle up to 30 minutes not 10 minutes includes rides on lime scooters and bikes and then you just grind car free or if the rights that have a zero crown of unlock fee you can save 25 percent on those so that's cool tens are right passes you can just select zero crown unlock fee reserve vehicle take as many as rides as you want for as long as you want and then it's like for 24 hours it's 99 kronos so that's cool and then you can just ride the whole city then there are also like promos and the promo code safety center you can go to their help center if there are some issues with the recent right right one start damaged vehicle um so something like that um and then there you have your settings uh and that's about it so super easy app that's just how it works um here you can also invite your friends to lime so just copy share that code and then when they start writing both of you will receive a certified chronowright credit and then you can just share your referral code so you can do that as well uh what are these red spots so for example this copenhagen it means that you can't park your lime scooter there so it's just uh yeah so it's maybe there are some historical areas or something like that in each city there are some like differences where you can't park your lime scooter so you can see some areas yeah where you can't do that so there you have it that's that's the idea anyways if you have any other tips about this app um yeah of course you can as i have said not only uh scooters but also uh jump bikes which are now called like jump is now lime it was jump was a separate bike sharing company under uber but then since seems uber sold it to to lime or something like that when you're approaching the this you can just tap ring and it will start grinding and all of that so that's the idea um that's the app try it out i think the lime are cool scooters and they are like available in a lot of countries so if you download this app and you are traveling or you're visiting some many countries it's convenient because it's available both in u.s and in europe for example but some other scooter companies are quite local that can be available only in nordic so only like in germany or something like that not uh not like worldwide so that's the idea hope you like this quick or you like and subscribe visit my website check out my podcast and see you in the next episodes                                                                                                    

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