Linktree app full overview and how to set up?

hey everyone so let's take a look on this website which is called link 3. um so this is really nice app where you can just have one link and put it on instagram on youtube and when you tap on that link uh all your websites will be there so it's just an easy way to create a web page with links to all your audiences all your accounts so as you can see here yeah you're just like a creator and then you have all these links to all your accounts so let's try to create an account here see just how it looks and what are the steps so what it says here is three four hour no payment needed and then you just need to enter email username and password so let's try to do that so then you just need to enter your full name then you just need to enter your tags here then confirms that you're not a robot and yeah then of course you can select a pro account or you can continue with free so for example if you want to choose pro then you can just have advanced customization collect payments powerful integrations advanced analytics link controls here on the free you still have unlimited links you can collect payments for free you can customize the built-in themes track how many people you and click on your link to add video so it can be completely enough for you to start with the free but of course if your audience is super large and you have 100 000 million millions of viewers followers of course six dollars per month won't change a lot so there you have it and then just let continue to link three and then you will have this new link tree admin um yeah so okay i also still need to verify my account um you and here on the right you will see the steps you need to do to set up your account so let's just do it all together okay so now i verified my account and i'll just continue here let's just add a new link so title and then url so something like that um then also you can uh add a headers at support me link add request link uh so yeah something like that um so i just added that and yeah let's again do it together and your link is live great so yeah something like that then you can just add your link tree everywhere so just here is your link three copy your url and just share it everywhere on youtube twitter so you can use in your business cards your resume and my signatures youtube video description and you are your sharing content so that's pretty cool and update your profile image and sim so here you can just update your appearance and then you can just change how your profile is named and then you can change your profile pictureat bio description at select themes so there are three themes and there are like paid seams of course and of course if you want to up get this paid sims you will need to upgrade so yeah on a free plan leap links are not a while and you can also have links scheduling priority links and sms links uh so yeah and here you just see comparison so yeah then let's just explore settings so in settings you can also add again your uh if you're like your mailing list integration uh commerce integration some social link all of that just super interesting then there is your account if you go to your account here there are also some additional settings some admin stuff which yeah okay you're just redirected here so now let's see what happens if i just go to that link so this is basically my link and of course if i just share it on everywhere on uh yeah on social media and stuff instead of going to three different links and sharing all of that like three times visit my youtube visit my website visit my twitter you just have one link tree link with your username and then people just go there and they select where they want to go so that's super fun i think that's a better approach so yeah definitely try out this app appearance and then there are some help center you can always ask question you can contact support here if you want to log out you can just always log out from here if you want to delete a profile or something not sure if you can do it from here but just search ask for support here about your data and yeah that's that's about that umif you're interested in other content for creators and uh how to become more successful creator especially with youtube visit my website i share my journey with youtube i share all the tips and tricks and also all the technical like details about uh managing a youtube channel like how to create subnails how to create optimized youtube titles and descriptions how to manage channel keywords all of that just visit my website also have podcast mr hakio so check out that so i just think i will create a link 3 linked right now and include all of my assets like youtube website podcast so instead of adding all of that in youtube description which people just never read i'll have one small link and just ask people to click there and visit that page so yeahand i'll just put my youtube twitter probably patreonbuy me buy me a coffee link my websiteblogpodcast all of that so that can behelpful anyways hope this quick overview was helpful super cool app definitely try it out

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