Linktree mobile app - preview

so finally there is link 3 mobile app so this is an app which helps you to create advanced link in bio like for example your instagram influencer or youtuber or blogger and you just you know like an instagram bio you create that link and you just only have one link so it's very important that that one link leads to a page where you have all other links all your shops all your merch all your other channels and everything important so before link 3 was just at the website but now it's also the app so now you can just go and download it so just tap the touch id of face id to download this app and then yes so the size is just 46 megabytes so there are just 12 ratings average rating is 5. so you can claim your link 3 url for free add links music playlist video podcast forms customize your design share your links for everywhere and anywhere to connect everyone with everything you do learn that works get insights and all of that so just open that and then you can sign up and create an account so yeah around it

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