so what is laser AI app so this is one of the top AI apps right now it's super easy to use it's not that expensive where you can create either AI avatars or you can create some AI images so here you can just tap instantly when you log into the app it just says get full access but there are still some free options in the app but yeah you can just go into the app and then you have three days free trial um uh available 5.99 per week annual 39.99 but yeah you can just open the app and then you can turn words into art you can just tap to enter prompt and then describe the the image you want so just enter something and then you will see the like a some image so you can just select any prompt uh uh and then you can select any style and then just kind of create an image like there are a lot of this and some of them are premium some of them require premium subscription but yeah here you just see some of the styles so yeah for example I select that and then I can just type create in the free account it will just take you more time to create all of these things uh so yeah uh that's basically what it is right now and then yeah something like that so this app uh like it uses some kind of some kind of algorithm that um is just uh like it creates a lot of images with with persons so this personality so it doesn't create a lot of abstract art so it just yeah creates this kind of cool avatars so you can do that and then you can just create Avatar so here you can just upload photo of yourself so here you can see some good examples have to upload photos some instructions some bad examples and then after you upload this uh 620 selfies of yourself you can just tap generate and you will generate AI avatars of yourself so that's basically the idea of what you can do um yeah and that's uh that's what it is and then you can see some of the results you can get like I think 50 to 100 avatars but you need still to pay like uh you know like five dollars or something like that on that so and then yeah you can always upgrade uh uh to yeah here to unlimited access fast processing unlock 50 plus Styles Unlimited artwork Creation remove ads and all of that where you can just upgrade and try that out and then there are all these settings available uh you can yeah upgrade to this debate version um so yeah that's basically the idea how this app works um yeah try it out it's actually super easy to use super easy to understand just you know and very nice simplistic design but it's pretty powerful app and it's not that expensive compared to other similar apps of course there is like Dream by Wampa apps or this Lancer AI uh there are a bunch of other AI Avatar generating apps but yeah you can just try out this app and see how it goes

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