Lite for Facebook Instagram and Twitter - how to use?

okay so here is this app which is called light for facebook and twitter it's also as shown in screenshots works for instagram and vk which is more like a german sorry a russian network um so you can use that for multiple account logging and you want to log in all in on one device um so yeah and then just this app has very small size um so let's try to install it it's only 2.6 megabytes use touch 80 to install i don't know anything about how secure is this app or if it's like super safe to use it so just use it at your own risk um yep please also leave some comments uh below so okay uh twitter is no longer supported and then you can use facebook okay so so yeah that's the idea that you can login here and try this app                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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