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hello everyone today i was browsing apple store and i just found this app in the top charts like figuring out what what this app is about it's called live in live peak widget yes you can see it's a number two in social networking which is kind of amazing and i also did some overviews about blockade widget so this is what i think the original viral app where it's all started and now there is another app live in so the idea is pretty similar sams locket widget that you can add your best friends your home screen as i say here basically you just create a widget uh so now you can create widgets on ios devices if you have lighters and ios 13 i guess i will show you how to do that no worries and then basically if you have that widget then using this app you could just take pictures and you will have pictures of your friends or your partner your family your loved ones just refreshing in real time just on your screen so you don't need to open like whatsapp or messenger or like your camera app photos app to see pictures there will be just real time refreshing and you just see like hey my friend is doing this or i can send this picture to my friend and this is the cool way to keep in touch and very like kind of you know light way to do it you don't need to tap like you know like open go to messenger log into your account see this message scroll to that group chat but here you just have these pictures uploading in real time and it's actually pretty amazing amazing technology what they say here live in this widget that allows you to send photos trace to recipient's home screen you send a picture to a specific person or a group of people and the picture automatically show up on their home screens people can also respond to you with another picture to your home screen what's new on live in is that you can search and follow strangers on the app and send photos in selected groups uh so that's a new feature it's not available unlocked widget so this app is more like a social network right now uh it's also a great platform to for influencers to connect with their followers in an intimate way fans who follow influence on live in will get a photo update on home screen is a more private a personal touch so yeah if you just follow someone you will get you know that picture from from your influencer so imagine you can follow some like you follow some person on instagram but again you need to open instagram go to that account see that photo here it feels much more intimate and personal and yeah that's cool idea so anyways let's just open the app i tried it out tried a few features here and there so here is the app here's how the home screen looks like it says try adding a friend first when a friend accepts your friend request you can take a picture and set it to their home screen so that's the idea here you can see how the how it looks like um that's the home screen uh you can create an account either with your username and password or just with the phone number it's not possible to use like apple sign-in or google sign-in or even your email so for a lot of people there are still some kind of bugs on this app like some people can't log in some people can create account i try to create account verification message didn't arrive for me then it did so yeah as you're using that this app you will see there are still a few glitches here and there so just make sure to update to the latest version but anyways okay so here is the app you installed the app what to do next so the next step is here is the widget you need to tap and hold on the screen where you want to install the widget and then you will see the app jiggly tap on the plus icon in top right or top left search for live peak live in and here you will see all the widget sizes you can select this large massive widget you can select this horizontal widget with three picks you can select the smaller one and then you just add that and here you will just see photos from the people that you are following so similar as on instagram you follow someone that person posted a picture it appears in your feed the same here you follow someone but that picture appears right on your home screen you don't need to log in and open any app it just will update in real time and the same yeah if you want you can remove widget you can install many widgets uh but yeah uh also make sure that like if you install many widgets because they update in real time what i noticed that these apps like eat your battery really really fast so if you're also using some other widgets and these live peak widgets uh your battery can like be downgraded pretty fast especially on older phones i guess so that's just one minor thing i noticed uh yeah so here's uh yeah here's widget and of course your load once also install that widget and you send pictures to them so let's just go through the process so here is the widget imagine i just want to send this picture just take this picture you can also add some text which is pretty cool so so you can do something like that you can edit it you can add some notes as well some drawings which is pretty cool because for example in locket widget you can only send like a picture camera picture here you can also combine it with some text i don't know i don't think it's possible to add stickers or emojis uh so not sure about that uh but then what next so now you need to send it to and there you have for options um like either share to the world either share to your followers people who follow you then you can only send it to your friends and or you can just send it only to me so these are the options for you like similar as on instagram if you just want to send it to your private friends just select friends if you are in influencer mode you can send it to your followers or you can just share it public so that's cool uh okay i'll just send it to me just for you to understand how it works and here is here is it appears uh in my feed by the way i can also uh send a status so that's that and then you can also see like world feed you can see all the like different profiles here you can follow someone there are like likes you can like you can comment uh you can change the view you can share the photo and similar as on instagram or tiktok or snap you can block and report so that's that i guess like to become friends on this app i followed this person and the person this user should follow me back and if you follow each other will become friends i think that's the idea because there is no a separate app to add friend so that's that then like some administrative stuff you can change your username here's my username you can change your profile picture if you want to have it more unique and more recognizable and then also there is some interesting feature in this app which is not in locket widget or noted widget it's called something like memory videos so only the users that you have followed each others will display here you can select up to five friends so you can so again if you follow each other your friends and then you can select from your friends here and then you can select up to 24 moments in total only the moment is sent to each other will display here so that's basically the idea um so yeah that's how it works uh so you can select this uh moments and then uh maybe you can create some kind of videos or something based on the pictures you send to each other just to save it to some kind of video and then you can just share it on tiktok or like on snapchat so that's also another cool feature uh then you can see your moments so these are my moments i can manage them i can delete my moments uh and then there is just an instruction to add the widget i just showed you how to do it then there are widget settings here you can select your best friends from your following list and their moment will be updated in your widget so [Music] so now i deselected all friends and their images won't be showing up in my widget so now as you can see my widget is uh basically empty uh so that's that then you can always send feedback so if you have some issues you can reach out to the app developers also if you have some bigger issues and you're concerned about your privacy and data you can always just delete an account uh account deletion is not retrievable you will not be able to use this live in account nor retrieve your followers likes or anything deeply sorry about this la la la and then you can always reach out to live peak widget support live peak widget and then you can just tap here and tap next i sure you want to cancel the account tap yes so i actually like that they make it kind of pretty simple to delete my account i don't want to call some customer support service if i have some you know issues with my privacy in this app and i want to make sure that it's deleted so uh yeah so you can always do that easily in the app then here you have your live in id you can follow uh and support the developers and you can also sign out then there is also messaging so you can message so that's also interesting feature you can add more friends [Music] so that's that and then you can see the feed so it's kind of like instagram you can see this feed and that's that so here is again the camera and also actually you can add drawings so that's basically also interesting feature of the app and then also drawings you can send to all these categories because sometimes maybe you don't want like to to send a photo so for example to your loved one you just want to send a nice little drawing so that's the idea and uh yeah so hope that is that's that you understand now better how this app is working but i think the mind feature why because majority of this stuff you can do in lockheed widget and i think locket widget is actually like you know easier to understand it's very focused and well developed app where you can just send pictures so definitely also check out locket widget but this app is can be used like also if you consider yourself as an influencer uh that's a unique feature here uh that you can you know just uh uh like uh create your following people will follow you you can post pictures and they then they will appear on the home screens of other people so that's a unique feature to this app and it's amazing maybe it's a nice direction of social media who knows so definitely if you're an influencer i would recommend you to try out this app and try out to grow your following here so hope this is helpful uh interesting approach definitely give it a try follow subscribe to my youtube channel i also have podcasts on the website mr hectorio make sure to visit that and subscribe become a member uh check out my tic toc instagram all the all of that and thank you again for watching see you in the next videos

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