LiveStatus app - FULL OVERVIEW for beginners

curious Live status app uh let's just do a quick overview on what the whole hype is about so this app is kind of one of the competitors to lock it widget or noted app and the idea of this app is that you can yeah you can share widgets with your friends and in this widgets you can send either photos either draw something or send text messages so that's that like in locket widget you can only send camera and note that you can only draw but here we can just do everything at once so first thing you need to do obviously just download the app but then you just need to type and hold you see the apps jiggling and then you can just search for Live status like that and then you will see uh different types of widgets here you have some small one you have bigger one and yeah then you just have like a widget with four uh different uh users so for example let's just start with simple one so we have like a small Live status widget and yeah that's basically how it works so in imagine your friends install these widgets and then you can send photos or notes to them and then is they will instantly say that on their home screen like one can ask what what's the point of it uh I can send it via WhatsApp Messenger whatever but yeah I mean it's just fun if you have some close friends or relatives to instantly see it on your home screen if someone wants to send you some photo update or some note or something like that so then basically you just have your friends you can add your friends from anywhere just search by username it's super easy to add like this you can also add friends from anywhere um there is no limitation of how many friends you can add which is pretty cool because on lock it we just actually you there is like 20 friends you can add only and then yeah you just have all your chats you can create a group chat as well here create a group from your friends invites your contacts but then yeah after you did that and a friend accepted you then you for example you can take a photo also here you can add some status which is also another interesting feature and then you can enter some tags as well so you can draw and add some messages on on the on the image as you can yeah so it's a pretty cool like imagine you are just sending it to some close person and it will appear on their home screen either your friends or something like that try to make it fun and then you can just select next you can select a group from available groups or you can just select to multiple people uh you can also send tab sand and vanish what that means ascendant vanish means that uh uh basically the photo view you can only see it once and then it will disappear but let's just send some regular standard posts and then it will also appear in the kind of like a chat message and then it says shown on widget and then yeah probably you just need to wait a bit and it will update uh yeah so there you have it it will update here and in top right you see like this Emoji which is basically your status on Live status app so that's why it's called like that because it also shows the status emoji yeah and then you can just display that on your home screen so it's pretty fun you can also edit widget or and add like four different videos for from four different people and then you will receive these photos from four different people yeah so once again the idea is here I'm just testing and sharing for you but of course if you send in a photo you send them to your friends and imagine this is your friend's home screen where you can see photos from you and you can see photos from them now let's try to send like some drawing so we can just send this Smiley whatever and then there are all these drawing tools there's like basic drawing tools which are available in Notes app so it's nothing really Advanced here uh but there you have it so then you just agree and then again you can just easily send to all your friends basically that's the feature if you type in and then also just to yourself that's also a quick quicker way just to select to send to yourself and then as you can see it's interestingly updated so it's pretty fun actually super cool app uh yeah if you go to your account then you can just customize your photo you can see this video setting you can basically check and select from who you want to receive these photos appearing on your widget so these are all users which you can see here then there are some settings you can see account and security just in case you can also delete your account here easily so that's also an option um then there are some privacy settings you can block users from here uh and then yeah you see here there's also some instruction how you can add to the home screen and chats chat via widget I think there is also a possibility to add the lock screen widget so for that you need to be on iOS 16 or later and then there are also specific widgets which are called lock screen widgets where you can just add it to your lock screen and it's it's going to be pretty cool uh what else here so then you just have all your friends you can search for friends and then there is this another feature which is only available in US but other than that yeah so that's basically the app is super easy to use super intuitive and as you can see I'm not upgraded I'm not um I'm not paying for this app or anything uh okay so let's just try to send one more photo and let's just send it in the send and vanish form so I'm just sending it and let's see uh how it works so the idea is that it will vanish after viewing so you can only view it once so it will appear like in the but because I've seen it in the chat already then it just disappeared and then you can see that this photo is vanished um so let's try again so here this photo should appear in the home screen widget so basically this works all also like a chat where you can just message and then it's like that so this means if I tap to see it now I can only see it once and after that it will disappear I'll just redirect it to the chat you can tap on it view it and then it's gone so it's an interesting feature uh yeah adding a bit more privacy maybe someone needs to send you some quick note or something like that yeah but there you have it uh interesting feature so hope you enjoyed it that's just a quick overview definitely give a try to this app super interesting and fun to play with also it can replace locket widget it can be replaced noted live in bunch of other apps so you can just do it all in one app and it's also available on Android and Google Play Store just in case you have friends on these devices so you can use it like that

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