LiveStatus app - super quick overview

here's life status app sharing your life so super quick tutorial just for you to to help understand this app so it's kind of the episode about that you can send photos you can send text notes to your friends on their home screen widgets so here it is here is how the home screen widget looks like and yeah you can just go to the app uh you can add friends so to add friends just go and search them by username and then you can just add like that and then basically you can see all your chat solid groups you can create group of friends and then just send a photo so for example I can just send like a photo from my camera um I can draw something I can write some text and then the point is that yeah I can just select it next set and then I send it either to to myself or to to some other people so there you have it and then that's it and then basically this image will appear here as you can see in in this widget so you need to have IOS 14 or iOS 16 to start using it uh like to just use home screen widgets you just have IOS 14 it means yeah you need you can have some older fonts to start using these lock screen widgets you need to have IOS 16 meaning you need to have a some newer iPhones so there you have it so you just install it like that and then your friends will receive it then you have some settings uh if you go to your profile you can change who you receive your photos from so you can see that you can receive all these photos from all these people you can see that you can change your profile picture here and yeah so there you have it so you can just share it with friends you can copy link and invite people so for example here I just want to invite someone and then I can just in white like that uh invite your friends so there you have it it's kind of like a cool app kind of a combination of locket widget noted live in all of these new widget apps but this is it very easy to use uh very friendly there are no ads you see I'm not using some premium account so this is a free app for now I don't know how it will change in the future so that's kind of cool and also you can add unlimited friends as I understand so not only 20 Francis in locket so yeah definitely give it a try

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