LiveStatus - Share your life - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

here's interesting trending app called lifestyle to share your life so let's just go through the app like to like you know like a full tutorial for you in case you're interested and want to try it out uh so yeah it says Live status it's the first app that fully integrates integrates iOS 16 widget features into messaging and Live status you can send all types of messages including text photos Emoji status and your drawing straight to your friend's lock and home screen when your friends see your updates on screens they can open the widget and send their messages back to your lock and phone screens Live status offers an intimate and innovative eye for friends to chat and stay connected with each other um yeah so there you have it in case you've heard about locket widget or live in widget uh notice widget so this app basically combines all of them uh in locket widget you can send photos in note that you can send nodes here you can sign up for photos pictures images notes text everything in one app and using all this new smart home screen widgets lock screen widgets and all of that now to use this app properly you need to have at least iOS 14 to use home screen widgets and to use lock screen widgets you need to have IOS 16 and later meaning that your iPhone if you're using an iPhone it should be yeah at least like iPhone 8 or iPhone 10 uh I think so anyways uh so here is the app and then what you can do basically so let's just try it out so here you can just uh go to to your widget and then you can choose a camera drawing or text uh but before that make sure to actually install this locks this widget on your device so just tap and hold then you can see apps jiggling and then you can tap Plus in top right or top left then you can just search for uh [Music] yeah for Live status go there and then you can just tap add widget so there you have it and now your widget is added um so yeah like if you actually let's just do it again you can add multiple widgets if you go here and uh go to Live status you see that there are three types of features every small one which is a small which you can see right now there is a bigger one which covers literally half of your screen and then there is a huge widget where you can see like four videos from four different people so you can select any one you like but yeah you need to install this uh before using and also your friends needs to need to install it as well um so yeah and then if you send photos to your friends they will receive photos tags or just some notes from you and also you will receive the same stuff from your friends in your widget so for example let's just send it here you know so you can just send it like that okay and then you can just you can just send it like this whatever you can just draw and then in top right you can select to who you do you want to send so here you can just select either you want to send to to yourself to the group of people and to or to specific contacts also you can just tap to create a new group and then you can just create the group from your contacts so then you can just tap send and then uh there you have it then this image will be also sent to your private chat uh so yeah so now as you can see the widget is being updated because just for this video tutorial I send it to myself as well so that's basically the idea um yeah so that's how it works we can also go through here through this uh and then you can see that yeah you can just add widget to home screen that's what I did and then you can just chat with your friends via these widgets so take photos create drawings or test photos and send it to your friend's home screen uh in this video I just showed you how to install a video on the home screen but you can also use it on your lock screen meaning that uh that it can also appear on your lock screen but you need to have IOS 16 for that and when you have that just lock your phone screen tab customize on your lock screen and then select Live status here then uh basically you can go and for example if you want to change your profile information you can change your photo you can change your name um then you can change your widget settings so you can select your best friends from your friends and then their post will be updated in your budget So currently these are the people and I should see their posts in my widget like overall like why do people tend to like these new widgets like you you can ask like uh you know you can send all these photos and messages in your messenger or Whatsapp or signal but yeah sometimes it's just you know it's just easier to use it on a home screen or lock screen you don't need to open your screen log into the app go to specific chat and so on so here you just have widget right on your home screen just open your phone and you instantly see messages either from your loved ones from your friends or from some important people and you can keep like other messages in like in in your regular messenger and this is like pretty fast uh yeah it's pretty cool technology actually there are so many new apps like rocket widget noted live in like Imperial widget modgies like a lot of this new videos there and then here you can select some settings you can save videos to your uh phone uh you can select privacy settings you can block users if you want if you want to delete your account you can easily do it here in the app but yeah just make sure that you do it carefully because seems It's not recoverable account deletion is not retrievable you will not be able to use this Live status account now retrieve your follows likes or anything you posted associated with the account so does that yeah so that's basically it if you have any questions or like support issues you can just reach out to the support here in this setting uh here you also have all your chats which you reach your ascending to each other you can unfriend block report uh and then yeah you can also see your friends of course like how to add friends you so here you can just go and search for friends like that and then you can just tap add friend that's pretty cool that you can add friends here from all all the places because in locket widgets you can only add like uh 20 people uh invited by your phone number so they should be mostly in your phone book or you need to know their phone number here you can just invite friends from all around the planet here you have your friends you have your groups you can create a new group here from their contacts which is also pretty handy when you want to send a new photo a new app that you can just send it directly to the group you can give access to your contacts and that's basically it also you just have all these groups and you kept them in the form of chats as well so that's basically the idea kind of that's how it works and then you can just continue to add in more photos or creating new groups that's kind of that's it so super easy app like very minimalistic and you can get your way around it very quickly you can understand it very easily how it works and then you can just have a lot of fun with your friends that I can install widgets you can install widgets and yeah if you actually enjoy widgets if you like apps like locket live in or or something like that like definitely try to this app because it combines everything in one place so hopefully it will evolve and become better and there will be no not a lot of ads and all of that and as you can see it's kind of free um so I didn't upgrade anything so yeah hope that can be helpful guys thank you for watching check out my blog check out my Tick Tock for additional info and thank you for watching

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