Locket Widget app - can’t find the widget

hey everyone so here is uh iphone and locate widget app is really popular right now uh but some people are reporting that you downloaded the locket widget app so this is how it looks like lock it widget lock it but then you just can't find the the widget so to find the widget of course obviously you just tap and hold tap on the plus either in top left or or top right depending on your iphone model and then search for locket so here it is and then that's how you can add the locket widget and then you can just add widget there aren't many like widget sizes here it's only small like for some videos or like small medium large different widget modifications here that's what you have um but yeah some people just can't can't locate it so yeah just double check if you can just search it uh if you can't find it like this i don't know reinstall locket app um [Music] or yeah try that

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