Locket Widget app DOESN’t WORK, BUGS - what to do?

hello so um there is locket widget app which is really viral app right now uh where you can just add a widget uh to your iphone home screen and then you can send photos to yeah of you your photos to your friends for example but there are a few bugs here and in this video let's just discuss how to solve them i do know the solution to all of the bugs but let's just see what can be done so first back was that you couldn't just be able to create your account um there was the bug for me like that for one day then it just disappeared so to do that just tap to update the app just go to the app store and update the app and probably it should fix some of the other bugs then there was some bug when it always starts says try adding a friend first and you are not able to add uh pictures um so that doesn't work so the other people have like i have four friends added on my locket and i only see new photos from two of those friends when i go in the history of the app see others photos but they don't show up on home screen it also keeps prompting me to add friends even though i have already added so these are some reviews it says there is only one widget that shows the most recent one sent other than that it's a really cute idea um so that's basically that um so you can see it here um so these are some of the bugs if you know other bugs um yeah just just leave them your solutions your thoughts under this video because i think this app is developed a really amazing developer matthew moss like a single guy maybe um and yeah maybe he just doesn't have all the resources or i don't know all the situations so it's not like an app by apple like you know where they have like huge development teams but let's just support this cool idea all together and hope this video can be helpful

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