Locket Widget app - how to create an account? App overview

so i was able to create uh verify my phone number in locket widget app and finally let's try to go with this widget and let's explore how to create an account i can just enable my contacts and import my contacts here or i can just search my contacts it says lock it never so i can just add just some contacts here so i don't know what i have to do here i just tap add or i can just i don't know search for some contacts add your friends you can add up to five people i have enabled the widget okay so i still can proceed even without edit my contacts but just the button is grayed out and that then my locket is set up i can set up notifications okay so if i add the friend i can then just add the picture to to the uh to their home screen but i basically to add a widget i just tap and hold and here is locket live peaks from your friends on your home screen and then i just tap add widget so something like that but then my friends can send me pictures and i can send pictures to my friends and then they will see them so that's the idea basically i can just reload okay this is my laptop and then i need a friend to accept my friend request so that's basically how you create an account i hope that is helpful

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