Locket Widget app preview, can’t create account

hey everyone so here is new trending app which is called locket widget so if i just type get let's just install it and see how it works um yeah it just has 22 ratings but it's already in the top charts in the us app store and the idea is that you can use this app as a widget and then just add your best friends to your home screens and picks to friends home screens see new pictures without the data the video to open the camera so a super interesting app actually so let's just open it up and then you just need to set up your locket okay i need to register with my number okay let's just try then uh rack us phone number maybe it will work from there so i'm using this app which is called text now to have that hmm lock it up so i couldn't send code like what maybe you know what the reason is there it doesn't send code anywhere um yep unfortunately yeah if you know like what the issue is here just can you write it in the comments

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