Locket Widget - can you receive verification text?

a lot of people are complaining that while logging in or creating an account in locate widget app you can't receive your verification code your text your login text or yeah but so let's just test it out so i already created an account a while ago and here's i can just try it out with some regular number and let's see if i can receive six digit code so yep uh you should have just received the text and and then it works for me so that's it it works fine so i can sign up i can create an account i can log in i can log out so it works for his wine my number a lot of people are complaining though that it actually doesn't work research numbers they just don't receive this verification text some people can't also add a phone number because it says it's invalid so it's a known issue so you know you can read like app reviews on app store that developers uh you're saying that we know we are aware of this issue and i think it's one of the top priorities right now to fix that they're working with number of sms providers so that's that uh i hope this update was helpful if you have a solution if you know how to fix this problem for people who you know for who the number doesn't work just leave some comments below it's not that it's just uh doesn't work in some country for example like brazil or something it doesn't work for customers in us in europe just there are some specific numbers whereas this sms is not coming and that's it so there is no some correlation with the country or some specific mobile provider or so that's just like some weird bug and error hope it will be fixed soon

WhatsApp - Verification Code not Re...
WhatsApp - Verification Code not Received Fix!
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