hey everyone so let's go through the locate widget app uh this is an app where you can send photos to your friends to their home screens and in this video i will just show you how exactly that works because recently there was an update and people can be a bit confused so here's the app you just need to create your account and then you can just tap in top right and tap how to add the widget but let's just do it so here you have uh your screenshot like your friend screen and uh you need to add your contacts so you you can just add them by syncing your contacts from your phone and then you just adding these people from there and then they need to receive your request and accept it and then you have your widget and then you need to create first your widget here so this is a new feature you can create this widget for specific group of people from who you want to receive photos so like for example this can be my travel friends i just name this widget travel and then i can like select people i just only have one friend here but you can select obviously many people here and yeah just all the people from who you want to receive updates and then you need to add your new widget to your home screen uh just here is a instruction and then let's just do it together so what you do you just tap and hold on any screen where you want to add the widgets you you see apps juggling and then you can just add like search for locket and then you can tap add widget and then it stops jiggling you tap on it again you tap edit widget and then you need to pick a widget from here as you can see now finally i have travel widget and i also have my other widgets by the way if you don't add a widget in the in the locket you will have by default everyone everyone means if you have 20 friends you have all their photos appearing on your home screen um so that's that that can be a bit annoying if you have a lot of people you know you then you just will be receiving all photos from everyone in one widget so that that can be a bit too much so that's why it i just added this feature where you can receive uh receive photos just from specific people who are in that widget so that's basically that i've added the widget i'm going back to to the uh so now i added it and here it is so now i now it should work so that's the process with an updated locket widget app that's how it works now they just added this opportunity to have different widgets for different people before update 1.6 it wasn't possible so that's what it is right now hope it was helpful for you

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