Locket Widget UPDATE 1.2 - it is MUCH FASTER NOW!

hello everyone so lock it widget is now updated uh the version 1.2 update was just released 15 hours ago what's inside so small improvements and bug fixes plus it's now quicker to send lockets to your friends so let's just take a look so locket widget app is going wireless this week's and the pheasants and yeah a lot of people are using it but now uh it's actually really faster because before i was just uh going to friends screen and sometimes it took like 20 seconds before loading more friends here and now it's just instant so i can instantly see that i can add nine more people and i just only have one friend before that it took me you know as i said like many more seconds to just load the list of friends and sometimes i couldn't just unlock it because friends were not loading and then if you just now want to create like a locket and then you can just easily pick friends and then just so the app feels just much faster so that's it there should be less bugs and that's basically it so that's basically the uh the idea and the update so yeah hopefully that is helpful um yep and thank you for watching um so that's the update again just go to the app store search for locket widget and uh update version 1.2 it was just made on the 8th of february or 9th of february so definitely give it a try and update it thank you for watching

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