locksmith widget by sendit - FULL & QUICK OVERVIEW

hello everyone let's just go through an overview of Love locksmith widget app by send it as you can see it's quite high in social networking these days uh so what exactly is this app so to use this app properly you need to have at least iOS 16 or later if you have below is 16 it's like operational system on iPhones it's just not gonna work because the whole concept of this app is based on a widgets on your lock screen this is a new feature with iOS 16. um so yeah you need to have I think at least iPhone 8 to be able to install iOS 16 and then yeah if you did that then you can just install this app and it's pretty fun like the idea is that you can just send messages to each other just from your lock screen so like you can ask like what was the point I mean like sending messages you can already do with like 200 apps out there but yeah it's just like it's more fun and it's kind of less friction and especially it works if you have your partner or close friends or family here and then you can just add very short sweet messages or some notifications which will instantly appear on your lock screen and yeah you can just reply instantly from your lock screen as I understand so it's just like easier less friction you don't need to open the app go to the chat log in with your account it's just easier and kind of faster and yeah it's kind of a bit more intimate I would say also so uh here's the app just create your account with the phone number it's available worldwide not only us then you need to add your lock screen widget so how to do it just on the iPhone you can do lock your screen tap and hold and then you will see customize button also you can just do from the settings app then you can just type customize then here as you can see I just tap on the widget and then I can search and add tap on locksmith so here is how the widget locksmith widget looks like on the on the lock screen so here I just have a message from just an example message and it will be reflected like that on on my screen so after you added the widget in this way just tap done to to do all the to save all the changes and then uh of course you need to add some friend so just choose a partner what you can do you can just sync all your contacts um to this app from your home like from your phone book or you can just invite by text and just send like invite notification like this to to your friends if your friends are already on locksmith you they will be in the separate tab where you can instantly send them a friend request uh otherwise um you can also just invite them to the app and I will need to download the app first and then accept your invitation so you can do that um then basically after he did that then you can just uh send them as the first message how do you do that uh so something like that and then you can select a a partner I don't know if you can send it to multiple people you can also add a partner here then there is an option to change your color of the message so that's the feature available if you have more than three friends in locksmith widget so you can do that and then just basically okay I just want to put this message instantly on the lock screen and then it will appear on that person lock screen so even if their phone is locked like it will instantly appear there and then you just tap put it there and there you have it then you can just see the history of all your messages available so then you can see all the messages um and then yeah basically also you can tap on Sand if you want to unsend the message but if I tap it it says again that I need to have at least three friends on locksmith widget so they have this feature like locked features where you need to have at least three friends and that's like quite uh so in this app if you have three friends you will unlock a lot of additional features so just yeah have at least three friends then you can unsend messages then you can change app icon then you can change the color of your message and all of that without upgrading if you just have three or more friends but there you have it uh so that's about that what else like then there is a game Matchmaker shipped to people who would be a cute locksmith couple so then you can just tap to choose and add uh search amongst your friends and then just make a match them together I don't know exactly how it works but this kind of like additional dating game in this app so you can try that as well foreign so that's basically the idea um what else is here so then you can just go to more settings um if you want to change your widget design that's a paid feature so you need to upgrade actually so uh yeah if you want that the log Smith widget appears in a different design on on your lock screen then you just have that and then you just need to tap save and then you will need to to upgrade and it's and then you you become like a diamond member so that's 4.99 dollars per week not per month so it's like more than 20 dollars per month pretty expensive app and with this uh Diamond membership this subscription you only can change your widget design so if you want to change the bit of a border add more hearts and this is how just your videos appears on your lock screen so that's actually like your I would say it's a lot to just changing like you know the Border style of your widget on lock screen so if you really need that that's about yeah that's the price but if you want to stand out and if you're using this app a lot and you really care about design of your lock screen iPhone you can definitely get a try to that if you want to change app icon you you don't need to upgrade but you need to have at least three friends then there are more settings here you can change your name not your username like as many times as you want so you can just update it there now you can follow the Instagram there is also some uh support where you can just reach out to support uh from here then there are more options from here you can just log out from the app and if you tap more options again actually you can delete an account so this is where they actually uh uh yeah allowed you to delete an account which is pretty cool but as you can see this this button is quite uh hidden in the menu so it's not easy to get access to that button so that's basically what it is here again you can just invite people like that if you want to remove uh a friend just tap and hold wait it doesn't work out so all right so yeah if you just tap and hold usually you will see like additional menu where you can unfriend or block a person so that's what you can do as well oh so I just I don't know I hold it on the Avatar and then I can unlink partner or I can block so that's additional thingy and then yeah again there I just have the menu this app is adding a lot of features you can see it's version one five three but I think there will be more and more features added in future so you can try that out as well so just make sure to to update this this app frequently and a lot just to to add a lot of features and that's basically the idea so cool app definitely give it a try um if you want to then to remove the locksmith widget then again just go to wallpapers here you can customize you can select tap on the widget and tap on minus icon in the top left and then tap save done and then you will just remove these widget from your lock screen and I showed you as well how to delete an account as well so that's basically the process that's how this app works I hope it's helpful it's more clear now what it does you can play it with your friends it's kind of like a modern way of messaging um you know with iOS 14 there were more home screen widgets like widgets were like as a map here or as a calendar weather widget but now there are also these iOS 16s there are also which is on the lock screen which is also pretty cool feature so let's see how it develops if it really becomes popular so far it's constantly in the top 100 social media apps in the US and it's getting more popularity because you know it's like very fast and very easy and it doesn't you don't get crowded in like you know tons of messages maybe for Messenger or from WhatsApp where you just have different groups or a lot of friends just depending on your character how many friends you have and then here maybe you just have your partner or just family or just some close person and then you can just can quickly differentiate these messages and it's kind of a bit faster as well so let's see how it develops

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