Lolli app - how to install on iPhone & create an account?

here one so here is slowly app where you can earn cash of bitcoin basically getting free rewards or cashback when you're shopping at specific hours like ebay expedia nike line and all of that um so yep that's the app uh it's 18 megabyte size it has 15k ratings 4.9 average review so that's an interesting app for sure let's just explore it [Music] i think it's already installed here so there you have it that's the app and then you just need to join an account um okay so i think it's only can be like a us phone number um so okay just for the sake of this video i'll show you just how to create an account i will use another app and then i just need to verify my number so since it's not arriving so in case it doesn't work you can send a new code or you can just contact support that's that's about it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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