LOOKSRARE NFT marketplace overview

hello so here's luxor nft marketplace yeah so they just opened up and it's a new marketplace there is even some luke's airdrop so you just need to connect your metamask wallet and if you tried it more than three et in 2021 on openc you will be able to climb some looked token so that's pretty cool uh i didn't do that so i don't have any but then you just you can explore here so there are all the different collections um yeah like you can see the price range you can see lowest highest speeds uh usually a lot of collections here are just like resembling a bit open c collections so there's like crypto punks but here is like crypto punks version two or there are like board apes uh and then yeah you can see that here you have some uh mutant ap yak club so a lot of diff like try trending collections on openc in all these new marketplaces you will find like crypto punks version 2 or board bunny or something like that so yep you can see top collections you can see floor price total volume [Music] um so yeah interesting marketplace to to explore overall the website feels nice and professional then you can see all the rewards here you can if you stake luke's token you can earn up to 928 percent apr this calculation includes boss looks and wrapped ethereum irons through stacking looks so that's what you can do and then yeah then you can just collect your rewards trade and if it is from eligible collections to earn looks rewards earn by stacking earned by trading uh you earn looks every time you buy or sell an nft from eligible collection will look sorry by providing liquidity provide liquidity to the luxe ethereum pair on units of version 2 to run additional looks rewards and operations swap regular accuracy provider rewards so that's basically how it looks like um yep so that's a new marketplace definitely go and check it out

LooksRare | Looks Coin Airdrop, Tok...
LooksRare | Looks Coin Airdrop, Tokenomics, Rewards and more
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