LootBoy app - how to create account?

so here's interesting app which is in top charts which is called loot boy grab your loot so you can just use your touch id of sad to install and then here is the app you can see it here you can see uh the loot pack here all of that so this app is in the shopping category and it says it's loot pack app for all gamers honoring the free loot boy app helps you score top in game buffs game and treasure and exclusive gaming relates to surprises easiest and most exciting way all free via cool quests or at an awesome price you'll also join the massive loot boy community with millions of other gamers worldwide when you sign up a huge gaming network by backed by popular content creators and platforms like youtube and twitch so here it is so let's just open the app and see how it works so then yeah we can just skip then you can just confirm continue uh so yeah here is the app and grab your first gaming treasure so you can just see that then i can just get it now uh then you just need to create an account so i can actually create an account just with apple id i just always use that um so that's basically the idea here i can just do that and then i need to enter my username then i also can add my burst date and then i can just tap register did you get an invite and there you have it so now now i have 150 loot coins so i can then just climb reward only and then i get 150 loot coins so that's the idea basically if i want to get this loot boy you need to i need probably to top up and then probably this app will just now ask me for the for the payment so [Music] anyways that

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