Magic Life - Face Swap & Effects - HOW TO USE?

here is interesting app called magic live face swap and effects so let's just download it and see how that works uh so this is the app i think which has like two main viral features which are going viral on tick tock instagram versus like future baby maker app so you can take two photos and see what can be like baby prediction like what the baby can look like this app uses some ai technology to do that and then uh video phase change and then this is uh h look prediction app so you can take your photo and then you can take a look what like your face will look like in some years and or stuff like that and also then yeah you can just use hand analysis cartoon effect attach your photo to some videos and images gender swap back to young personal tests a lot of these interesting features so that's the app of course it asks you to give to love to track it you can do it uh then this app wants you to start the free trial but i'm just curious if if you can do a baby prediction or time machine for free so then it obviously needs access to your camera so here it is so let's try it out so now it's using some ai and you need to wait a bit and then of course you need to unlock it so then you need to upgrade magic live pro uh three days free trial then 6.99 per week uh your three days free trials and 699 per week so that's the idea of the app uh yeah so yeah unfortunately you need to upgrade and i can't even have a preview i can change all of it and then i can see if i generating i can no but no preview so this app is i think it's pretty cool app but you need always to upgrade so so like baby prediction app you can just okay i don't know and then you can just select like this uh and this can be the option to try it out so and then the respawn reading cartoon effect back to you on gender swap so yeah i think it is a good app but it's quite expensive and then under test and then there are settings and yeah you can clear cache add face um so privacy policy feedback clear cache in case cases upgraded and subscribed you can downgrade through the settings app go to icloud and then grade there

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