MEGADETH $MEGA crypto - what is it, main benefits & how to buy? - podcast

MEGADETH $MEGA crypto - what is it, main benefits & how to buy? - podcast

MEGADETH $MEGA crypto - what is it, main benefits & how to buy?
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  • MEGADETH - famous US rockband - launched its own token - $MEGA
  • By buying, holding, and transacting with $MEGA, fans will gain access to exclusives and premium benefits. Cyber Army members that also hold $MEGA will unlock additional exclusives, access, and offers. Premium and Digital CYBER ARMY members automatically get some free $MEGA.  If you’re a Premium or Digital member, click the buttons below for details on how to get your free $MEGA.
  • How to buy MEGADETH CRYPTO?


Hello everyone. So let's go through the new episode. And the highlight of today is that there is new Megadeth token. So my God is very famous American rock performer, and he just got into the cryptocurrency game releasing official Mega Coin Mega at an opening price of roughly $0.50.

So everyone who is a brand wants to join the 21st century Cold Rush. And it's like the coin of this rock band doesn't have some functional use like other coins where you can build NXT so you can use it for defy or build some transactions. But my God will allow funds to gain access to exclusives and premium benefits.

Cyber army members can actually get some free magical courtesy of the Banana and Cyber Army members that hold migrants will unlock additional exclusive access and offers. So this is a new way to use your token. So before I don't know how to explain it, if you go to New York Times, for example, and you buy a subscription and you become a member or you are just a member of some community, then this membership which you just pay like monthly, you pay monthly, like $510, then you have access to some content or some premium benefits.

So it's the same with tokens, basically where you can. If you're holding this token.

Of course, the more people hold this token, the more expensive it becomes. If you're just holding this token and you can prove it, then you have an access to some exclusive coffee premium benefits. So it's like a new 2021 way to monetize your brand. And it's like just a way for 25.

That's also Interestingly enough, technically, there is already coin called Mega on the market.

Coin market cap shows that Mega Crypto Fall is launched in October 2020 at roughly $6 per coin and hit this all time high 65 in February 7. And now it's worth around $27.

That's that. And then we can just go through the pressurerelease on Megades. Com.

So it was just posted on the 1 December. Mega is the official cryptocurrency of Megadus in our community. By buying, holding and transaction fees, Mega funds will gain access to exclusive and premium benefits. Cyber army members that also hold Mega will unlock additional exclusive access and offers premium and digital Cyber Army members automatically get some free Mega, your premium or digital member. Click the buttons below for detail how to get your free Mega.

You just need to get the Mega you need to create an account and drive. Once your account is created, search for Mega and it will take you to the Official Mega Coins page where you can purchase coins.

It's recommended that you hold at least ten Mega to get access to exclusive content. Special tour access to a nice hangout with abandoned special items. We have some special things coming up for the manga holders, so that's about it. So as you can see, I think there will be more and more like celebrities who are doing that, who are just trying to monetize their brand in a new way by creating coins or tokens. There was a period already where a lot of people, everyone was trying to create their own coins.

But then it faded away for a while. And now I think it's another wipe or that because of course, now, if these are more popular, like everyone is talking about cryptocurrency, everyone is trying to buy that.

That's actually pretty interesting.

So there you have it. So again, if you want to buy this coin, you just need to go to go to Rally IO and then proceed follows instructions and buy the megadeth coin are so let's see how it unfolds and let's catch up in the next episode.

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